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Dried dates proven benefits

Dried dates proven benefits

Dates are a usually eaten fruit across the world. They can be cataloged in the list of the most nutritious foods that can either be freshly eaten or as a dry fruit. Apparently, dry dates are known to be a natural remedy for several health issues. In this article, we will discuss on the hidden benefits and side-effects of having dried dates, so keep reading.

Dried dates are dehydrated dates that look shriveled. They are delicious and nutritious as dates but they require extra effort to be eaten and probably this is why people avoid having them. But they do not know what they are missing out on by avoiding dried dates. These have a longer shelf life and high fiber as compared to dates. Besides, there are many vitamins and minerals that you will get upon eating dried dates.


Dried Dates Nutrition profile

Two dried dates, contain :

Carbohydrates- 31g

Calories- 110

Natural sugar- 26g

Fibre- 3g

Protein- 1g

Dried dates contain high levels of polyphenols and it has many health profits. From managing diabetes to prevent cancer to improve digestion, polyphenols are highly good for the body. Out of all the dried fruits, dried dates have the highest amount of polyphenols. Besides, dried dates also contain ample amounts of calcium, vitamin C, magnesium, potassium and iron.

Now that you know about the nutrients in dried dates, let us tell you all the health benefits :

Heart Health

Dried dates contain negligible fat content and cholesterol. They are found to be very effective in controlling bad cholesterol in our bodies. To improve heart health, dried dates have high potassium and very low sodium that helps in managing blood pressure and prevent.

Improves Digestion

One of the benefits of using dried dates is that it is great for digestion. It has anti-oxidative that starts the body metabolism and boost digestive abilities. It is great for people who are trying to lose weight in a natural way. Another reason why dry dates are good for digestion is that they have fibre(soluble and insoluble both) that allows proper absorption.

Strengthens Bones

Dates might not look like a suitable calcium source because the color of them is  nit white, but it is surely one of the best foods that have more calcium than dairy sources. This makes it great for bone health. Calcium manages bones and so, its usage strengthens bones and prevents their decline that leads to osteoporosis, dental issues.

Boosts Energy

If you are feeling low on your energy level, have a few of dates to instantly charge you up. Dates have relatively higher natural sugar content both glucose and fructose, But it is better to not overconsume them as excess sugar may cause digestive problems and it can upsetting your stomach.

Dried dates for good skin

Dried dates are rich in Vitamin B5 that is very good for our skin. Dried dates also contain anti-oxidants that improves and makes better texture of skin.

Haircare benefits

Vitamin B5 is also have some haircare usages. Pantothenic acid is beneficial in strengthening hair from the roots. If you eat dried dates daily, you’ll get rid of dry hair, split ends, brittle strands, common hair issues.


Dried dates are good for health as they have some good nutrients but they aren’t good for one and all. They are nutritious but certain problems are also there. It is not a very good option for diabetics and people who are trying to lose weight. Dates are better than dried dates when compared in terms of sugar and calorie content for these people.

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