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Dried Fruit
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Nutrients are contained in 100 grams of dates

Ration nutrition Nutrients are contained in 100 grams of dates Potassium - 65 mg 20% RDA or daily requirement Magnesium - 54 mg 14% RDA or daily requirement Vitamin B 6 -0.2 mg 12% RDA or daily requirement Fiber - 6.7 mg 27% RDA or daily requirement Manganese - 0.3 mg (percentage of RDA or daily requirement Copper - 0.4 mg (percentage of RDA or daily requirement Important properties of dates include the following: A natural way to prevent anemia Strengthens bones and the immune system due to the presence of selenium, manganese, magnesium Improves brain function due to the presence of vitamin B6 Pregnancy and childbirth health

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Dates are a nutrition snack for children due to their vitamins B1, B2, B6 and niacin and vitamin K. Dates stimulate children's brain development and prevent indigestion, which is why they are the best food for children at school. See your child energetic and cheerful throughout the day by giving 3 dates to children. Also for babies, after 6 months, it is a good food along with breast milk

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Excess Weight

Dates due to their many properties cause weight loss and fitness. Eating dates at least 3 times a day will help you lose weight because it is rich in fatty acids and fiber. It also causes long-term satiety, which helps to lose weight. Eating dates that contain nicotine improves the function of the digestive system and is effective in weight loss. Potassium and sulfur in dates prevent the accumulation of fat and break down fat in the body.

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Eating 3 dates a day is the beginning of useful events in your body. Dates contain vitamins B1, B2, B3, B5 and B6. The carotenoids in dates are precursors to vitamin A in the body, which prevents the body's cells from becoming cancerous. Another vitamin found in dates is vitamin C. Every person's body needs 60 mg of vitamin C per day, which is 14 mg of vitamin C per 100 grams of dates.

Dates products

Benia Group has produced delicious, fortified, modern date product types using modern knowledge and the theory of expert nutritionists.
These products include chocolate dates mixed with nuts, Medjool dates mixed with nuts and date chips and …


Iran is known as one of the largest producers of dates in the world. Dates are one of the richest fruits and therefore have an important place not only in Iran but also in most countries of the world in the diet. Benia Collection is one of the key suppliers of all kinds of dates, both in bulk and in various and stylish packages. We are able to offer a variety of dates, including Bam Mazafati dates, Mejool dates, Piarom dates, Estamaran dates, Rabi dates, Kabkab dates, etc.

Nuts & Dried fruit

Benia’s most diverse products fall into this category, which includes a variety of nuts and dried fruits. Among the high quality nuts, we can mention Iranian pistachio without aflatoxin. Also in the category of dried fruits, fruits such as kiwi, orange, apple, banana, apricot, dried berry, etc. can be mentioned.

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and food industries in Iran. Our main goal is to offer healthier and tastier products in global markets. According to the tastes of dear consumers, BENIA Company strives to produce healthy products to provide the satisfaction of its esteemed customers. Buy quality products and order them from BENIA. Invite yourself to a health clinic tray.

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