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Address: 103 Reade St, New York NY 10013
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- Est. 2010 -

BENIA Introduction

BENIA COMPANY, is the main supplier of Iranian Foodstuffs in the domestic and foreign markets.

We take responsibility for your need by :

  • putting in the effort gain experience and become better.
  • employing young experienced professional individuals that are familiar with the most up-to-date technology.
  • cooperation with the best gardeners and producers.


Our Vision

Is to deliver healthier, most delicious and more attractive.

We would be very pleased to develop a friendship and provide consultation to serve you based on your demands and requirements.

hopefully, we will be able to work towards building a strong and friendly business relationship together in the near future.I

- Hard Work -

Our Team

We support environmental awareness, just business practices, and health, and our selections illustrate that.

Olivia Thomas
Senior Chief Supervisor
Adam Boyd
Managing Director
Randy Crishen
Assistant Managing Director